Lost hiatus

12 more weeks of reruns

Lost Hiatus Community
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Lost is going to have a hiatus of approximately 12 weeks between November and February, before returning with a straight run of new episodes.

We are going to have to amuse ourselves for a long, long time.

The idea of this challenge community is along the lines of if highwaymiles married lostsquee.

In step 1, people will submit ideas for Lost fics they would like to see written. All pairings and ratings will be welcome. Ideas don't have to be season 3 related. Submissions will close on or around November 8.

In step 2, a list of all the ideas will be posted, and writers claim the ideas they'd like to write. At the same time, each writer will sign up for a day during the hiatus when they plan to post their story. There will be approximately 84 days available. No penalties for being late, and if there aren't 84 sign-ups then anyone who wants a second date/story can have it. The list will go up ASAP after the mid-season cliffhanger.