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Heaven and Hell

Last day of hiatus, talk about squeaking in just under the wire!

Title: Heaven and Hell
Characters: Shannon, Sawyer, Jack, Kate, Desmond, various other appearances
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Someone says the unspeakable: he or she doesn't want to leave the island. How do they deal with this?
Spoilers: Through recent promos
Disclaimer: Only mine in my dreams
A/N: Based on a quote from John Milton's Paradise Lost

Posted as 5 parts all under the cut, total word count around 5,000, with each chapter linked to the following one.
Previously posted in lostsquee as part of Lost Riffs

The Mind is Its Own Place

Sadly overdue fic - J/S - Piss Off!

25 days late. *dies of embarrassment*

Title: Piss Off!
Author: jenthegypsy
Prompt: Jack and Sawyer have a pissing contest - literally.
Rating: PG-17?
A/N: I am eternally grateful to my dear friends hereswith and hendercats, both of whom were instrumental in getting this fic "unstuck" and out into the real world. You two are the best!

He had been saying it since day one - they were in the wild - and the absolute best thing about that little bit of news, as far as Sawyer was concerned, was that he could take a piss anywhere he damn well pleased.

So late it's embarrassing

Hello! I am so very sorry this is late, over two weeks now, I have only just got fic-safe internet back up and running since before Christmas. Hope you like it, it's my first ever fic so be gentle please. :) It was written a little while ago, so not 100% accurate now that we've had a fair few previews of upcoming episodes.

Feedback is welcomed. And if for some reason it looks like I've got my lj-cuts or links wrong, please feel free to advise me, haven't quite got the hang of livejournal yet...

Title: 57
Rating: R
Pairing: Jack/Sawyer
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, not trying to make any money...
Author's note: 2,658 words. Note that the use of an offensive word for gay people in first paragraph is not meant to be offensive, if you see what I mean...

Go here
Title: Entrance
Author: hendercats
Rating: PG
Prompt: 141a - Someone faces temptation
Word Count: 1760
Spoiler Warning: through 3x06, I Do
Disclaimer: Everyone on the island belongs to ABC, et al. Used without permission, but with much loving care, and I promise to put them back, no richer for my efforts.
Summary: Locke leads a small group in search of Jack, Kate and Sawyer; Desmond is a bit preoccupied.
Beta: jenthegypsy, bless her for reminding me that you don't know what's beyond a door until you open it.
Note: entrance (noun) [en trance]: something that provides access; (verb) [en trance]: attract; cause to be enamored

Three years is a long time to be away...

Just a little bit late

Title: Falling
Pairing: Charlie/Claire
Prompt: #77. HeroinAddict!Claire. Take it any direction you like.
Rating: R
World Count: 1592
Summary: AU - Claire will do anything for her heroin. She'll even sink as low as getting back with Charlie.
Author's Notes: Thanks toestastegood for betaing. Rated R for drug references and sex. Quite evil and dark.

( Falling )

Fic: If I Could Change Anything 1/1

Title: If I Could Change Anything
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,535
Prompt 109: A reunion at the funeral of one of the survivors.
Spoilers/Warnings: Through 3.06: "I Do." Character deaths.
Pairing(s): Jacket, Skate, Jun, PB&J; implied Rose/Bernard and Jate, and if you squint and look really really hard, you might find slightly implied Jawyer, Hubby, and Sana.
Disclaimer: Lost is not mine; neither are its characters. They’re property of JJ Abrams et al, ABC, and Disney.
Summary: Once they all lived together but now fifteen years after being rescued, many of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 have gathered to say good-bye to two of their own.
Note: So, this is the first ensemble fic for Lost that I’ve written. Feedback appreciated.

(These bitter days shall remain...)
Title: End of the World
Pairing: SawyerxCharlie
Prompt: #60. AU - Sawyer as a rock star. Who fangirls him?
Rating: NC-17
World Count: 6725
Summary: AU - Sawyer's the guitarist of a band called Wreckage, with his best friend Boone and his buddy Michael. He knows Charlie's a gold digger but he can't help but fall for him.
Author's Notes: Thanks toestastegood for betaing. And yes, I used Smile Empty Soul lyrics for Wreckage's songs; it fit. Also, there's a big Supernatural reference because I suck at cars. Behind fake (though it looks real 'cause they do look real) cut.

( End of the World )
Name: Old Ghosts
Author: xunderstatedx
Rating:Ima go for PG
Pairings: Jack/Kate, Jack/Sawyer, possibly mentions of Charlie/Claire and Kate/Sawyer
Prompt: # 59. The survivors have a post-rescue Halloween party. What are the costume? it would be nice to have a Jack/Sawyer hook up, but any pairing will do.
Disclaimer: Lost is not mine yada yada yada


Fic: Unload (Sawyer/Ana Lucia)

Title: Unload
Pairing: Sawyer/Ana Lucia
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4500
Summary: Post-rescue, domestic stuff. What Jack sees when he comes for a visit.
This isn't exactly crack-fic, but it is rather light in tone, just something playful that doesn't attempt to totally fluff these two up. They're still combative and snarky, just like we know and love them (those of us who do love Ana). I was determined that it was possible to let them be happy, but if that seems like an impossibility to you, you should probably move on along.
Note: for prompt #25: Sana (positive... fluffy or angsty, but positive, not angry and meaningless) NC-17/R; Sana married; Sana baby/kids; Sana anything, on-Island or post-Island.



Fandom(s)- Rent/Lost
Parings- Roger/Mimi, Mark/Roger (one sided so far) and suggested Mark/Charlie as of this part.
Rated- PG-13 (this part)
Prompt - 151. Lost/RENT Crosover. Charlie Spends time in Avenue B and Shannon dances the cat scratch club. for hiatus_stories
Warning- SLASH. This is probably all kinds of awful. And very rambley ... mainly becasue the inside of Roger Davis's head is very rambley. (Oh, and this part is mainly Rent, and basically nothing happens). 

Part One

(Follow the Cut)